Carl van der Linde (b. 1993) Is a South African autodidactic photographer based in Cape Town. Not receiving the artistic fix from his work in economics and marketing, he travelled to South America in 2018 and decided to steer his life in an alternative direction. Having always admired photojournalism, trying his hand at it himself was a logical next step. 

His work is a manifestation of his yearnings, bringing his stories and observations from far away destinations home in the form of photo projects and documentary commissions. Being in the infant stage of his career, his way forward will unfold by navigating a balance between his intuition and unplanned, spontaneous breakthroughs.

Carl has a catalytic love for image-making and is drawn to the emotion and romanticism captured in a still image. His work has, among others, featured in DAZED Magazine, i-D and the cover of Suitcase Magazine. ​

Inquiries: kalla.carl@gmail.com

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