São Paulo Fashion Book

Words and photographs

by Carl van der Linde

The ‘Sao Paulo Fashion Book’ project showcases various subjects in my travels to Sao Paulo – from friends and models to people on the streets, artists and music producers. The aim is to tell the story of Sao Paulo (Paulista) culture, a Brazillian subculture that can only be described in a plethora of images. It’s a space where the lines between gender and sexuality are very much blurred and for a couple of days during Carnival, the whole city turns into a giant middle finger towards the Brazillian fascist government.

I reached out to my dear friend, Romy Ortega, who manages numerous electronic music artists in Sao Paulo and also serves as my unofficial guide to the streets of the city. We decided to collaborate on telling the Carnival story through the eyes of Paulista’s. 

Sao Paulo offers great cityscape backdrops with pastel tones and brutalist buildings. The people are friendly and proud, with absurdly great style – I hoped to have captured and showcased this best possible.

The Sao Paulo fashion book was shot on 120mm film and featured in BROAD Magazine, It's Peachy Magazine and Klyntji.

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